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Place of Worship Maintenance

Whether you congregate in a Temple, Mosque, Cathedral or a Church, to practice the religious believe, study or to worship, we will be happy render our services to your organization.

All constructions or buildings need to be maintained on a regular basic and in a timely manner, to help to ensure routine place of worship manitenance is achieved consistently and as scheduled.

Church Maintenance, Church Maintenance

Place of worship maintenance is very important to prevent small repairs from becoming large problems in the future; some minor repairs can just be fixing items that are broken, like holes in the wall, damage carpet, door not closing properly or broken chairs.

Preventative Maintenance

Church Maintenance, Church Maintenance

There is a difference between general place of worship maintenance, and preventative maintenance, preventative maintenance is for items that is not quite broker but cannot be allowed to break when there are most needed, a good example would be, changing the filters in the HVAC systems, checking the HVAC prior to the winter and summer season, seal the parking lot, patch holes and paint high traffic and very visible areas.

Church Maintenance, Church Maintenance

Scheduled Maintenance

There is a season and time for all Church Maintenance:

Items                                      Frequency                 Scheduled date

Paint building                           as needed                      10th

HVAC                                         Semi-annually              September/May

Change light bulbs                   every 4 months            June/October/February

Alarm maintenance                 annually                        June

Door adjustments                    annually                         August

Seal parking lot                        every 2 years                 June