Metal Studs

Metal Studs:
Wood is unquestionably the sturdier of the 2 materials. Metal seems to be flimsy, however once the drywall is screwed to it, it’s sturdy and rigid.
There is some dialogue regarding whether or not metal is appropriate for hanging cupboards, cabinets or mirrors. Some contractor and construction professional’s claims both wood and metal are good enough for most hanging installation.
Whereas I even have browse different opinions on the topic before, I and have tried working with both material myself. Personally, I actually would feel more comfortable using a screw gun to drive a two and a half inch Screw biting into solid wood.
When using wood, it’s possible to add structural support. Metal can only be used for non load-bearing walls.
Metal Studs
As the supply of quality lumber diminishes, steel studs can replace wood stud on new and old in home construction.
You’ll like steel framing for the numerous benefits over wood.
Insects and decay.
They resist fireplace.
They don’t shrink or split.
Steel studs are dead straight.
Steel studs are lightweight and simple to store.
Steel studs are 20% to 30% cheaper than wood.

At first, you’ll realize framing with steel studs to be slower than with wood, as a result of you’ll be operating with unfamiliar materials, techniques and tools. However once you get the hang of working with steel, you will discover it’s really user friendly. If you create an error, you’ll be able to merely unscrew the steel components and quickly re-screw it.